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Executive Board

The IDS Scheer AG Executive Board consists of three members. The CEO and president is Thomas Volk.

A portrait and a brief listing of areas of responsibility of each member are listed below:

Thomas Volk

CEO and president
CFO (acting)

Area of responsibility: In addition to his function as Chairman of the Board, he is responsible for global software product sales. Corporate marketing and development areas also report directly to Thomas Volk.

Short biography: Thomas Volk, born in 1958, has been Chairman of the Board of IDS Scheer since September 1, 2006. After earning a master's degree in computer science, he worked for many years at the IT company Hewlett Packard (HP), where he gained local and global management experience in Europe and the US. From 2003 to 2006, Volk was executive vice president of the American software manufacturer Sybase.

Dr. Wolfram Jost

Executive Board Member responsible for products

Area of responsibility: Product strategy, product development and product marketing

Short biography: Dr. Wolfram Jost, born in 1962, has been a member of the Executive Board since October 2000. He is responsible for the ARIS product line worldwide. He holds a doctorate in business administration and joined IDS Scheer in 1992 to manage ARIS product development and strategy. He was named managing director in 1994.

Jörg Vandreier, CFO

Jörg Vandreier


Area of responsibility: Corporate Finance, Investor Relations and Internal IT

Short biography: Business graduate Jörg Vandreier, born in 1963, has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of IDS Scheer AG since January 2008. He is assuming managerial responsibility for corporate finance, investor relations and internal IT. He started his professional career in 1988 as controller at Volkswagen's subsidiary VW-Gedas GmbH. He has held various management positions at different US groups before being appointed to the Management Board of SAP Systems Integration AG in 2000. In this function he was in charge of the Finance, Controlling, Legal, Mergers & Acquisitions, Human Resources, Training, Facilities, Purchasing, IT and Investor Relations divisions. From 2003 to 2007, Mr. Vandreier held the position of Chief Financial Officer at itelligence AG.

Dr. Dirk Oevermann

Executive Board Member responsible for consulting

Area of responsibility: Global Consulting and Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

Short biography: Dr. Dirk Oevermann, born in 1964, has been a member of the Executive Board of IDS Scheer AG since August 2006. He is responsible for worldwide consulting business. He holds a doctorate in business administration and since 1996 has held various management positions at well-known software companies in the banking and insurance industry. He joined IDS Scheer in 2003 as the manager of the consulting unit for banking. In 2005 he was named a managing director of IDS Scheer Germany, where he is responsible for consulting business in Germany.

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